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Fixed PSTN Alarm Platform
Model : XR-3000/3000Z


1. Receive, identify, record alarm signals

Supports a variety of communication formats, including CONTACT ID, DTMF4 + 2 (EXPRESS), pulse 4 + 2 (4/2), etc., to expand other proprietary formats

Support caller ID (compatible with DTMF and FSK dual system), record attack calls

With the user alarm host, do not mention the machine to send cloth, disarm the information, save call charges

2. Receiver status self-test

Telephone line disconnection real-time detection, display

Phone card status panel LED real-time display

Serial port communication connection status real-time detection, fault prompt

Perfect power detection, to ensure continuous receiver work

3. A variety of alarm output

Alarm beep and siren output, time adjustable

Information print-out immediately (connect with Chinese character pin type or mini printer)

Screen information instantly print output

Alarm voice prompt (optional)

Different levels of alarm information separately set up to facilitate police at the police

4. Operator password

Programming password protection, to ensure the safe operation of the system (operator default password is 12345678)

5. Large-capacity information storage

1024 alarm message buffer to ensure that the information is not lost after the computer crashes, to ensure the safe operation of the alarm center



1. Power supply voltage: 187 ~ 242V AC, 12V battery backup

2. Maximum power: 50VA

3. Computer Interface: RS-232, baud rate 4800

4. Print Interface: LPT parallel port

5. Phone Interface: Standard 2, expandable to 12

6. Alarm output: 12V1A

7. Working environment: Temperature -10 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 5% ~ 95% No frost

8. Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃

9. Dimensions: 480 * 132 * 420 (standard 19-inch 3U chassis, deep 420mm)



Network alarm, video cloud server Minimum requirements Configuration:

(The following Aliyun server, for example, the service providers are similar, for reference only)

CPU: 4-core processor above (if the network alarm and video are on the same server is recommended to use more than 8-core CPU)

Memory: 8GB above

System: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition 64-bit Chinese

Hard disk: 1 ordinary cloud disk (200GB)

Network: bandwidth 5Mbps above, at the same time apply for a domain name

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