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Security | XiRei 2017 Shenzhen exhibition, inviting you to come about!
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XIREI (Greek sharp) brand is "China's best burglar alarm" based on the domestic security market. Products have passed the national compulsory 3C certification; XIREI (Seirui) brand take full advantage of its own technological advantages, learning, drawing on advanced technology at home and abroad at the same time, in response to the actual needs of the domestic market for product development. It is XIREI brand firmly believe that "quality achievements of the future," the concept of reliable quality, excellent cost-effective technology research and development for the premise of the successful launch of the best-selling XR network alarm system, which has won the city's 110 Internet users , Residential networking users and single-family users and peer OEM users recognized, the product is rapidly unstoppable strong occupation of the market, including market-specific products are:

◆ XR-3000 / Z series alarm central receiver

◆ XR-3000 multi-level networking alarm center

◆ multi-level network alarm monitoring platform

◆ XR-303B-4W / 4WP / 8WGPRS series network alarm control host

◆ XR-303C-420 / 420P / 420T / 816 / 816P / 816PT /

1608P / 1608PT series of voice GPRS / TCP network alarm host

◆ XR-303C-420TS / 816TS / 1608TS series H.265 network video alarm host

◆ XR-303B-4W-GSM, XR-303B-8W-GSM, XR-303B-16W-GSM single and double network alarm host

◆ ten defense high-power alarm host

◆ Home WIFI / TCP / GPRS triple-screen LCD display alarm host

◆ One-touch voice intercom alarm host

All alarm devices are available through the keyboard, remote control, ID / IC card reader operation, WeChat, security housekeeping APP operation.

In the future development, Xi Rui Electronics will continue to maintain product quality, the pursuit of product originality, reliability, advanced at the same time, combined with market demand to conquer the market with quality and service, we believe that: the best quality is the best Products, "China's best burglar alarm" is our long-term plan of development. "The development of video networking alarm, group defense, creating a" smart city "is the company and the strategic partners of the common cause of the Division I is the Secretary for the community Chengzheng dealers, agents, OEM, ODM. Welcome you Acting our system, whether individuals or businesses, we provide quality treatment and strong brand, technical and after-sales service support.

The exhibition information

Exhibition Name: The Sixteenth China International Public Security Expo

Show time: October 29, 2017 - November 1

Hall Name: China. Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Hall location: Hall 5, second floor platform (5225)

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