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XiRei security housekeeper: experience efficient intelligent APP, handheld management of unattended mobile network center
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Division I take full advantage of "networking +" development results, the introduction of industry-leading technology products, networking operators to create an upgraded version.

Devaluation operators multi-function APP, client APP:

Operators APP to strengthen their own management, out of staff positioning, historical trajectory inquiries. Automatically receive subordinates to declare the work and exercise approval. Online and offline charging statistics, public information published in the background, the background will automatically generate fault information maintenance order.

Patrol cell phone APP simultaneously receive alarm alerts, navigate the police, the scene camera upload

Business staff located on-site location APP, remote user information input, photo shoot defense zones, billing statistics.

Installation and maintenance personnel APP automatically receive the background automatically generated maintenance dispatch list. Navigate to the user site, maintenance fees statistics reported.

Client APP, Automatically receive cloth arming information synchronization push, view history, motion control equipment, online payment, feedback upload. Can expand other value-added services.

Our own research and development of large-scale multi-level networking software platform:

The center, a fixed IP access, sub-center independent police department police. Multi-level group management, centralized management and control center.

Online Baidu map positioning, more accurate.

Flexible limit settings, management easy, strictly.

Large-scale platform compatible with all domestic front-end equipment, can be linked Hikvision, UOB, Hua Mai three mainstream video.

Our new development of two utility model network host:

A WiFi transmission network alarm host

Realize alarm WiFi network priority transmission, TCP / GPRS network backup, save communication costs, family, intelligent community networking preferred.

A power integrated network alarm host

GPRS / TCP dual network transmission alarm, at the same time to the router, light cat and network camera power supply, to solve man-off, network problems. All-day alarm video synchronization to ensure transmission.

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