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AF-922 [One key two-way visual alarm controller]
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Security is a basic human need. Under the current situation that the public security police can not meet the actual demand far, in order to effectively protect the personal and property safety of all social groups and safeguard the public order and stability of the society, it is necessary to introduce them in the planning and construction of social security management system More advanced and practical modern security technology. Through more advanced information technology, the transformation from "air defense" with manpower as the mainstay to "technology defense" with science and technology as the mainstay will be realized. So can transform scientific and technological means into direct fighting social emergency network alarm system has become an important means to solve this problem.

AF-922 one-way two-way video intercom alarm controller Dedicated to the financial system, campus, hospital institutions, communities, nursing homes, 24-hour shops, offices, offices, factories and other places of emergency, you can quickly help call monitoring room and a two-way video intercom, at the same time can be achieved Rapid alarm police 110 command center, and can achieve synchronous video and monitoring and management.

Product Features

▲ can be used alone, without connecting the alarm host

▲ Built-in 2 million network HD camera.

▲ through the TCP network video transmission and a key alarm message.

▲ support a key alarm alarm monitoring and management platform.

▲ support and monitoring platform two-way voice intercom.

▲ support platform to store video, alarm information.

▲ support 30 meters infrared, nighttime images clearly visible.

▲ support a key alarm button automatically reset.

▲ support motion detection, support for intelligent analysis, including perimeter testing, population density testing, human invasion, the number of statistics, object care and abnormal video signal detection.

Applicable Fields

▲ financial system unattended ATM machine emergency alarm use

▲ Campus and medical institutions one-click visual emergency alarm

▲ community and nursing home for emergency use

▲ 24 hours shop emergency alarm and other occasions.

▲ office / office / factory reports intercom needs.

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