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A report on the tourism activities of the backbone of the company's organization
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Lijiang River in Guilin, Yangshuo West Street for four days and three nights

The company has been established for more than 12 years, to thank the company for many years special posts and departments of outstanding staff to pay and efforts, the company organized an outdoor tourism as a reward for them, to encourage everyone to continue the struggle for the development of enterprises and their acquisition Performance reward.

The first day itinerary: Guangzhou - Guilin

Morning everyone according to the designated time in Guangzhou South Station concentration, take three hours of motor car arrived in Guilin North Station


Guilin after the first mountain Yaoshan, full play funicular, enjoy the panoramic view of Guilin at high altitude.


In the afternoon to Guilin Mu Long Lake Park, here is the imitation "Qingming Riverside" said the park is to enjoy the best place for Guilin landscapes and feng shui treasure is the representative of Guilin Landscape.


Walk in the evening in Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill Park, watch the sun and the moon twin towers.


 The second day itinerary: Guilin

In the morning, visit the Reed Flute Cave. 【Reed Flute Cave】 is a bright pearl in the landscape of Guilin. It is a magical sightseeing spot with a high concentration of scenery and beautiful scenery.


In the afternoon, go to the scenic Pingzhuangzhuang Village, where there are the seven famous moonsets and the famous five-tiger landscapes of Kowloon and Five Peaks. Standing on the top of a mountain, you can see the whole valley with a very wide field of vision.


Watch the sunrise early in the morning, sigh!


The third day itinerary: Guilin - Yangshuo

Came to the ancient village of Dong, dry wells, antique stone slate, wooden wall tells the history of the Dongs, Dong's culture, we walked into their homes and guests, to really understand the Dong ethnic minority.


Afternoon ride to the Yulong River rafting rafting, rafting eight people, everyone frolic in the landscape to earn a wet body, the evening free to walk in Yangshuo West Street, feel different exotic feelings.


The fourth day itinerary: Yangshuo - Guangzhou

Morning tour boat Xingping Guilin Lijiang fishing village. Here is the essence of Guilin scenery, Li River called Barry pictures. Qingfeng folder shore, green water Ying Hui, canyon cliffs, the county spring waterfall … beautiful!



 Four days and three nights Guilin - Yangshuo trip here to draw a perfect end. Afternoon, we embarked on a happy journey with the return journey of the motor car, returned to Guangzhou, arrived safely their home warm.


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