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The application of Wi-Fi intelligent alarm host in family networking anti-theft system
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Wi-Fi intelligent alarm host in the home networking anti-theft system


     With the deepening of reform and opening up development and socio-economic development, the floating population in urban areas has increased a lot, bringing with it many unstable factors. The public order and security situation is grim. Most families and shops have stolen unfortunate things. People's demand for security and anti-theft Increasingly, the use of scientific and technological means, technology and anti-personnel defense is imperative to play an effective role in anti-theft, therefore, we launched a new generation of smart home anti-theft system.

Home networking anti-theft system features

1, arming state, detected an illegal invasion, the scene siren ringing, the thief has a direct threat deterrence.

2, the user arm and disarm information can be immediately uploaded to the user's mobile phone WeChat.

3, networking functions: alarm, the first time the alarm information uploaded to the security center platform, users and security centers to achieve 24/7 networking.

4, three network transmission (Wi-Fi, TCP, GPRS), the host can be set to first enable Wi-Fi wireless network transmission, or TCP cable network, GPRS network backup transmission.

5, user-friendly design, a key trigger, emergency alarm, immediately call the user phone or security center phone, and security center to achieve two-way propaganda intercom.

6, the central platform set 24-hour manned, the user arm and disarm and alarm information center software platform shows the center on duty staff can promptly inform the user or district security, electronic security services can be achieved.

7, the host is equipped with luminous warm smart lighting, easy to host the operation.

8, Support WeChat online payment service costs, saving users and operators time and labor costs.

Third, the system working principle diagram

Fourth, the system category

1, personalized independent, alarm, the device user to manage their own use.

2, networked system type, operating company alarm, uploaded to the duty center, the center promptly notify the user at the police, the equipment is operated by the company responsible for the maintenance and regular testing.

Five, the system configuration table

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