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TCP Network Extension Module
Model : XR-4816T




▲ dual network transmission: telephone line + TCP, based on the original single-network host, an increase of TCP module directly upgraded to TCP wired network transmission, while retaining the telephone line transmission capabilities, dual network can be simultaneously transmitted.

▲ TCP cable network 24 hours online, fast transfer

▲ greatly save communication costs, the general network can be transmitted, to achieve 0 yuan transmission.

▲ easy connection:

   1, cable socket connected with the original XR host keyboard pin communication

   2, the module plug in the cable can be transmitted alarm signal

   3, the module with double-sided adhesive easily fixed inside the cover of the host

▲ network transmission, the center of the software at any time convenient remote operation

▲ compatibility, with the following models supporting the use of the host:

   XR-303B-4, XR-303B-4W, XR-303B-4WD

   XR-303B-8, XR-303B-8W, XR-303B-8WD

   XR-303B-16, XR-303B-16W, XR-303B-16WD

   XR-303B-4WGSMB1 XR-303B-4WGSMB2 XR-303B-8WGSMB1

   XR-303B-8WGSMB2 XR-303B-16WGSMB1 XR-303B-16WGSMB2

   XR-303C-420 XR-303C-816



1. Power input: 10 ~ 15VDC, 35mA

2. Size: 11cm X 5.4cm X2.2cm



Installed in a concealed, dry, not damaged areas for a long time to work properly.

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