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GPRS (4G) Universal Module
Model : XR-WN04(4G)
ModelXR-WN04 module (4G)

▲ GPRS universal expansion module is a set of advanced intelligent security technology prevention products integrating many advanced technologies and functions. It is connected with the host computer so that the original alarm host networked through wired telephone line connects to the network alarm center via GPRS wireless network. Hours online, fast and reliable. Can be combined with voice dial-up communications network to ensure reliable communications.


▲ compatibility: with a variety of imported and domestic brands supporting the use of telephone line alarm host (communication format for the C.ID, 4 +2), can be pushed from the software.

▲ dual network transmission: increase GPRS universal module, 3 kinds of communication modes, can be set to choose:

 1, GPRS and the original telephone line at the same time transmission

 2, GPRS priority transmission, telephone line backup

 3, GPRS transmission, the phone line does not pass

▲ module with digital display, intuitive display GSM signal strength, easy to debug.

▲ module respectively set the LED function indicator, which can accurately display whether the SIM card is successfully registered and GPRS connection is successful, easy to debug.

▲ module with a dedicated box, convenient and other host supporting the installation, beautiful.

▲ GPRS network alarm, 24 hours online: to provide users with safe, economical new trend of networking, Internet users must choose products.

▲ save communication calls: GPRS communication costs can be calculated by flow, application flow monthly more cost-effective.

▲ easy to connect

   1, will open this GPRS flow GSM phone card into the SIM card slot.

   2, connect the GSM antenna.

   3, the module with telephone line base, direct connection with the alarm host phone line can be.

   4, through the strong magnetic adsorption inside the chassis cover.



1. Power input: 12VDC, 100mA

2. Size: 13.2 cm X 6.0 cm X 1.2 cm

3. Module: Dual-band GSM external modem

4. Output Power: 2W @ 900MHz) and 1W @ 1800



Installed in a concealed, dry, not damaged areas for a long time to work properly.

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