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GSM+PSTN Dual Networking Alarm host
Model : XR-303B-4GSMB2


1) 4 Wired +20 Wireless Zone: Dual zone technology, to save the connection. Flexible with a wide range of applications, microcomputer control, separate LED display keyboard, allowing you to all-round view of the 24-hour can be intuitive to see the host operating status.

2) Key zone multiple trigger alarm function: Zone trigger response times 1 ~ 9 times, time 0 ~ 255 seconds can be arbitrarily set, a comprehensive elimination of false positives due to the detector, the manufacturer recommended.

3) anti-wireless interference: host in the armed state, in the pre-set period of time, the detection of continuous wireless interference signal alarm, the manufacturer recommended.

4) 0 calls network domestic initiative: This alarm host and our XR-3000 alarm central receiver networking, the alarm system to send cloth, disarm the information to the alarm center does not generate telephone charges, to provide users with safe and economical networking new Trend, networking users must choose products.

5) Dual-network with / wireless: dual-network standby to prevent the alarm information can not be sent when the wired phone is damaged.

6) SMS alarm notification, query and operation: detailed alarm information and the host status inquiries, arm and disarm operations, easy to use.

7) SMS number and caller ID verification: Verify with the stored numbers, allowing only the specified phone number to be operated, otherwise, no operation is allowed to enhance the confidentiality.

8) circuit protection design: battery over discharge, over charge, over-current, over-voltage circuit protection, battery backup battery longer life, user safer.

9) With ID card swipe card disarm function: With a card reader or card reader for ID card swipe card disarm operation, to solve the remote control due to heavy code loss and the battery is dead.

10) Networking System Patrol Function: The host computer receives the signal sent by the patrol remote control and sends the signal of "operator at the scene (code 1485)" to the center so that the center can supervise patrolling personnel patrolling.

11) can be connected to the network warning signs: the host deployment, disarm, alarm, patrol situation at a glance, played a warning alarm thieves and convenience center management role.

12) Circuit anti-short circuit damage: no fuse design, reduce maintenance, comprehensive line protection, to prevent trimming, short circuit damage.

13) 12 seconds recording, voice dialing when alarm: 4 center phones, 4 user phones, alarm occurred automatically call 110 command center alarm, quickly send police intelligence command center (network users). And automatically dial the user's mobile phone, landline, through the recording promptly notify the user (non-network users). Information omission reported: intelligent circular dial-up, to ensure that the receiver receives the alarm message.

14) Black Gate Event Record Query: Record the 256 event codes generated by the host computer recently. When a false alarm zone or other abnormal conditions occur, you can read query analysis questions (such as query deployment time, querying disarm time, querying alarm time, Zone code, etc.).

15) Programming and memory functions: EEPROM non-volatile memory can be modified several times, power outages do not lose system data.

16) Support 8 wireless remote control code: smart code, learning type remote control serial number, can record up to 8 wireless remote control.

17) Scalability: Can be connected to the wired zone expansion board can be extended up to 24 wired defense zone

18) Compatibility: Adopt the international standard Contact ID communication protocol and DTMF4 + 2 communication protocol, fully compatible with ADEMCO, FBI, XIREI and other alarm center receivers, which are the best models to connect with the security center.

19) Timed Arming and Disarming: Users can freely set up two groups of time arming / disarming time, functional and practical.

20) Flexible and flexible user operation: users can arm, disarm, or arm, disarm, and urgently alarm with the remote keypad. They can also use their mobile phones to arm, disarm, and monitor the sound of the scene where the alarm occurred , Programming, control and other operations, to facilitate the use of the majority of users.

21) When the utility power and backup battery power consumption is completed, re-call, the host still remains working before power-off, the data is not lost



1. Power input: 185 ~ 245VAC, 50HZ, 30VA

2. Spare battery: 12V7AH lead-acid maintenance-free batteries

3. Auxiliary power output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 500mA

4. Wired zone: the end of the signal line resistance 2KΩ ± 600Ω, 3K3Ω ± 900Ω, zone circuit response time of 200 to 800 milliseconds

5. Siren and flash output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 2A

6. Operating current: daily duty<150 mA, dialing <180 mA (mA)

7. Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHZ ± 1MHZ

8. Chassis dimensions: 26.5 cm X 28.5 cm X 7.5 cm (width X height X thickness) Chassis, with metal lock beyond the thickness of the count, the antenna connector and the lead ring beyond the height of not counting,

9. Keyboard size: 8.6cm X 13cm X 2cm (width X height X thickness, the key protruding position excluding)

The Scope Of 


Independent prevention area (for engineering)

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