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Universal Video Linkage Controller
Model : XR-820


can be connected to Division I and non-video surveillance burglar alarm controller

support 8 Road, 1 million -200 million network camera access at the same time, enabling 4 video linkage alarm, support for the latest H.265 video encoding, the country's first WIN10 style interface easy to operate, maximum support 6T large capacity hard drive

support standard ONVIF protocol, each channel using dual stream recording, maximum support 5MP resolution

support user PC client, WEB browser video, remote monitoring intercom, video tour function

support mobile video browsing, monitoring, intercom, video capture and PTZ control

support mobile phone client cloud ID two-dimensional code scanning input

network functions: remote monitoring playback, video download equipment, PTZ control, remote parameter settings

support IE browser, providing up to 10 simultaneous access to the network client

support user group management, you can set multi-level rights management operations

full Chinese tips, friendly interface

ultra-quiet fan, long life, up to 50,000 hours

host can connect high-capacity 12V maintenance-free battery, automatically detect the exchange and backup battery, automatic switching power failure

Device Matching Instructions

The original telephone transmission, GSM transmission, GPRS or TCP network transmission alarm host, at the same time with a line TCP network, plus XR-820 universal video link, access to the ON VIF protocol network camera gun, you can achieve Alarm video linkage and the platform automatically play video images.

All the original host alarm output signal directly connected to the universal video link.

Configure the hard disk, local video, the center at any time to upload images to view.

The original (with ON VIF universal protocol) 1 million to 5 million high-definition network cameras (Hikvision, UOB, Xiongmai, etc.) can be directly Into the Greek XiRei universal video link.

When an alarm occurs, the real-time video image is automatically uploaded to the center. The central video software can automatically record the video (optional recording time) or capture the picture.

Client site in the LAN through the IE browser image real-time screen, at the same time you can operate the video capture and playback.

Shop owners can own mobile client APP, at any time to view live live images, video, playback operation.

UPS backup power can be connected to solve the power outage.

Can access a 1T-6T hard drive.

The Scope Of 


Financial systems, enterprises and institutions, key protection units, valuables shops, the original alarm system upgrade to the alarm video linkage system.

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