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Large Scale Multi-Level Network Alarm And Video Review Management platform
Model : AF-8000


Stand-alone network alarm platform: XR-3000A / AT

Multi-plane network alarm platform: XR-3000B / BT

Video integrated management platform: AF-8000

The version number is subject to delivery


1. Network alarm platform features

Large multi-level networking structure design, scalable multiple sub-platform.

The sub-centers can share the center fixed IP or cloud server, to achieve inter-regional sub-center alarm.

Flexible permissions settings, multi-level group management, the sub-center police intelligence do not cross each other.

Real police intelligence forwarding function: can be forwarded to the upper level center, but also sub-center forwarding.

Police intelligence can be forwarded to the public security network through the serial port.

Alarm, online real-time precision positioning of Baidu map, and display basic user information.

Alarm, automatic linkage video and live screen.

Platform and the front two-way voice intercom, video intercom function.

After the platform verifies the police intelligence, the tear gas can be started manually and remotely.

Platform automatically identify the front arming, disarm operations staff.

Automatically record the operation log of platform remote operator.

Platform support for remote operation of front-end equipment, remote programming and online upgrade process.

Platform automatically access, safe, car GPS alarm information (extended features).

Support WeChat management, APP users, APP patrol officer management.

Software modular design, flexible configuration.

Large-scale mass data storage, data storage is safe and reliable.

User status icon, color logo, the user real-time status at a glance.

Different levels of police intelligence, points in different colors (to prevent missed inspection, wrong to see police intelligence).

Powerful statistical functions, offline, online users real-time statistics.

2. Video platform features

Based on the standard Internet protocol, to be able to structure over the broadband Internet and mobile Internet, the distributed and independent on-site monitoring points

For networking, seamless connection with a variety of monitoring equipment, to achieve unified monitoring and management across regions. The platform can manage up to 3000 views

Frequency monitoring point.

Alarm, automatic linkage video and live screen, the platform and the front two-way voice intercom, video intercom function.

Video playback: support for channel, time and type of video retrieval; support for remote playback of video equipment.

Alarm linkage: support for sensor alarm and motion detection alarm; provide alarm linkage video.

Support network penetration: Equipment automatically reported through the connection server, access to dynamic IP address and equipment to solve the problem through the 3G access

Into the port penetration and other issues.

Support IE browser, support mobile client.


Configuration Requirements

Before installing this software, please make sure your computer meets the requirements of the installation environment, or you will not be able to properly install the software.

Minimum requirements:

CPU: P Ⅲ above

Hard disk: more than 30M free space

Removable storage: CDROM

Memory: 128M RAM

Display: Standard VGA

Printer: WINDOWS support (stylus printer comes with Chinese character library)

Operating System: Win2000




Hard disk: 40G above

Removable memory: U disk

Memory: 256MRAM

Display: 17 "CTR or 15" LCD

Printer: WINDOWS support (stylus printer comes with Chinese character library)

Operating System: Win2000 (SP4)

2. Software: XR-3000 warning center installation CD-ROM

A serial line (for alarm receiver center and the connection between the computer)

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