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One Key Video Intercom Alarm Host
Model : XR-303C1-816T(P)
ModelXR-303C1-816T (P)


▲ Support telephone line + wired broadband + GPRS triple-network alarm, 4/8/16 cable, 20/16/8 wireless access, 24 zone display, wired / wireless combination

▲ support 8 Road, 1 million -200 million network camera access at the same time, enabling 4 video linkage alarm, support for the latest H.265 video encoding, the country's first WIN10 style interface easy to operate, maximum support 6T large capacity hard drive

▲ support standard ONVIF protocol, each channel using dual stream recording, maximum support 5MP resolution

▲ support user PC client, WEB browser video, remote monitoring intercom, video tour function

▲ support mobile video browsing, monitoring, intercom, video capture and PTZ control

▲ support mobile phone client cloud ID two-dimensional code scanning input

▲ network functions: remote monitoring playback, video download equipment, PTZ control, remote parameter settings

▲ support IE browser, providing up to 10 simultaneous access to the network client

▲ support user group management, you can set multi-level rights management operations

▲ full Chinese tips, friendly interface

▲ ultra-quiet fan, long life, up to 50,000 hours

▲ intelligent circular dial-up, to ensure that the receiving party received the alarm message

▲ support remote remote alarm, control, on-site monitoring, remote operation

▲ rich detailed voice prompts, simple and clear

▲ smart code, learning type wireless device serial number, easy to add, delete wireless devices

▲ remote control (up to 32) using rolling code technology, high security

▲ The host coupled with XR-618 intelligent wireless door sensor, if the door trigger (or fault) in the state, the system can not normally enter the arming state, effectively prevent the "fake and arming"

▲ Automatic Detection Intelligent Wireless Detector (XR-620) battery low voltage and failure, promptly notify the user to deal with

▲ Wireless zone disassembled Tip: The new intelligent wireless detector (XR-620 +) and the new intelligent door sensor (XR-618) tamper function, triggering the tamper button, the detector will send a signal to the host, the host in the non Programming state will be sent to dismantle the information to the alarm platform

▲ support for smoke, gas and other detectors, provide a full range of protection

▲ support wired / wireless sirens, repeaters, easy to expand the scope of protection

▲ can be an external siren

▲ host can connect high-capacity 12V maintenance-free battery, automatic detection of AC and backup battery, automatic switching power failure, and random transmission of non-AC signals to prevent large-scale blackout at the same time more than one host dialing, causing line congestion

▲ LED display intuitive and comprehensive display of the host state, through the display that the working status of the zone is normal

▲ black box function, storing up to 128 pieces of event information

▲ regular cloth, disarm, convenient for everyday use

▲ network alarm, to achieve 0 calls: This alarm host and our company XR-3000Z alarm central receiver network using alarm system to send cloth, disarm information to the alarm center does not generate telephone charges, to provide users with safe, economical new trend of networking , Networking users must choose products.

Technical Parameters

1. Power input: DC15V 4A

2. Backup battery: 12V7AH lead-acid maintenance-free batteries

3. Auxiliary power output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 600mA

4. The end of the signal line resistance (programming options): 2K / 3.3K or 10K / 16K

5. Siren and flash output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 1A

6. Chassis material: iron, beige

7. Chassis dimensions: 29 cm x 33.4 cm x 9.1 cm (width x height x thickness)

8. Keyboard material: ABS plastic

9. Keyboard volume: 8.6cm X 13.2cm X 2.2cm

10. Total weight: 3.4 kg (without battery)

The scope of application

City center shops, large and medium-sized factories, financial systems, emergency management centers, hospitals, schools, enterprises, museums, field base stations, etc.

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