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July 2017: 4G China Netcom (Mobile Unicom and Telecom) network alarm host, independent modular design (saving manpower and material cost) the only one in China, 4G universal Netcom (mobile, Unicom, telecom) universal expansion module, and steadily launched the market.

June 2017: one key two-way Visual Dialogue alarm controller successfully launched the market.

- April 2017: network operators APP (Android patrol version), APP (user + Apple Android Edition) launched to promote the application of Internet plus ".

March 2017: the ten household joint defense alarm system was launched to strengthen the emergency disposal of emergency.

February 2017: the TCP network universal module has been successfully launched to facilitate the upgrade of all brand phone lines.

- June 2016: video linkage machine launched market success, leading by H.265 compression (New Technology), compatible with 1 million - 5 million HD network camera, network camera all "ON VIF" universal protocol support access, our position in China: to create a new upgraded version of video network alarm industry linkage host!

April 2016: the universal video linkage, developed successfully, was successfully applied to the network operator's original system to directly upgrade to video linkage.

2015: the campus one key alarm host launch, social emergency visual / non visual one key alarm host launch. WeChat APP input into the network operation, greatly improved the management and business promotion of the operators.

2014: home alarm mainframe upgrade - WiFi network alarm mainframe to launch the market.

February 2013: the voice version of the telephone +GPRS/TCP+ for the three network alarm host successfully launched the market.

December 2012: the GPRS network universal alarm module has been successfully launched to facilitate the upgrade of all brand phone lines.

- March 2012: the successful launch of TCP+ telephone network alarm host, network transmission.

June 2011 - -10 month: GPRS market integration host (GPRS+GSM message) dual alarm host, new and old customers to promote. The alarm communication time and communication cost are greatly reduced.

March 2011: the TCP network alarm module has been successfully launched to facilitate the upgrading of the primary host.

January 2010: Xi Rui signed a strategic partnership agreement with HC to promote brand building.

- 2009: Greek Rui in Shenzhen security exhibition, the grand launch of GSM network alarm center, leading the industry pioneer.

2008: steady and steady development, steady improvement in product quality, and good reputation from customers.

April 2007: the transfer function host is launched to solve the hidden danger of the telephone fault which can not alarm.

October 2006: Ashi succeeded in obtaining a national mandatory 3C certification.

- July 2006: Xirui successfully launched GSM network alarm host, the market reacted strongly.

November 2005: Xi Rui first created the "0" 110 alarm center to participate in the large exhibition, with advanced technology to Shenzhen and the shock of the same behavior at home and abroad.

January 2005: Xi Rui successfully launched a new generation of home alarm host, professional level commercial alarm host, beautiful appearance, new functions and complete.

July 2004: Pan Jingqian, general manager and director of technology, founded by Xi Rui company, has developed the second generation of intelligent wired / wireless alarm mainframe through market research and market demand.

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