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2018: to realize the online upgrade function of the network alarm host, the network platform is connected to the sea Kang fluorite series, and the fingerprint lock networking alarm has been developed successfully.

LoRa ultra long distance wireless transmission system is put into the market.

Further development of NB network transmission

July 2017: 4G all Netcom (mobile, Unicom, telecommunications) network alarm host, independent modular design (greatly saving human and material cost) the only domestic, 4G full network (mobile, Unicom, telecommunications) universal expansion module, the stable launch of the market.

June 2017: one button two-way visual intercom alarm controller has successfully launched the market.

April 2017: network operation patrols APP (Android version), the user APP (Apple + Android Edition) launched to promote the "Internet +" application.

March 2017: ten joint defense alarm systems were launched to strengthen emergency handling of social emergencies.

February 2017: successfully launched the TCP network universal module to facilitate the upgrading of all brand phone line hosts.

June 2016: video linkage integrated machine research and development successfully launched the market, the industry is leading H.265 compression (New Technology), compatible with 1 million - 5 million high-definition network cameras, all "ON VIF" universal protocol network cameras support access, our positioning: to create a new network alarm industry video linkage host new China Upgrades!

April 2016: the universal video link was successfully developed and applied to the original system of the network operator and upgraded to video linkage directly.

2015: campus one button alarm main engine launched, social emergency visual / non visual key alarm host launched. WeChat APP has been put into use in network operation, which has greatly improved the management and business promotion of operators.

2014: home alarm host upgrade version - WiFi network alarm host launched the market.

February 2013: voice version telephone +GPRS/TCP+ has successfully launched the three network alarm host.

December 2012: successfully launched the GPRS network universal alarm module to facilitate the upgrading of all brand phone line hosts.

March 2012: successfully launched TCP+ telephone line network alarm host, dual network transmission.

June 2011 -10 month: GPRS integrated host launched the market (GPRS+GSM SMS) double network alarm host, new and old customers to promote. The alarm communication time and communication cost are greatly reduced.

March 2011: successfully launched the TCP network alarm module to facilitate the upgrading of the original host.

January 2010: Xi Rui signed a strategic partnership agreement with HC to promote brand building.

2009: Xi Rui attended the Shenzhen security exhibition, launched the GSM double network alarm center, leading the industry pioneer.

2008: Xi Rui has developed steadily, and the quality of products has improved steadily.

April 2007: the launch of the functional host engine solves the hidden trouble that the line failure can not alarm.

October 2006: Xi Rui successfully obtained the national compulsory 3C certification.

July 2006: Xi Rui successfully launched the GSM double network alarm host, which has a strong market reaction.

November 2005: Xi Rui pioneered the "0" telephone bill, and the 110 call center participated in the large-scale exhibition, shocked by the advanced technology to Shenzhen and the same behavior at home and abroad.

January 2005: Xi Rui has successfully launched a new generation of home alarm host and professional commercial alarm host. Its appearance is beautiful and fashionable, and its functions are novel and complete.

July 2004: the general manager and technical director Pan Jingqian, founded by the general manager and technical director, has developed the second generation of intelligent cable / wireless alarm system through market investigation and market demand.

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