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The basic installation method of the series products of the anti-theft alarm controller is:

1. Host installation

The network telephone line is inserted into the line of the host port, with alarm with telephone lines will host the telephone outlet and is connected to the power supply and the alarm, the host is installed. Attention should be paid to the installation of the host:

1. It is suggested to be installed in the central area of the whole protection area, and to pull out the antenna and go up in the direction to obtain the maximum radio reception distance.

2. the host should try to avoid large metals and radio interference sources as far as possible.

3. the host should be connected to the most front-end of the home phone line. If your home is connected to the ADSL broadband network, it should be connected to the line end of the ADSL separator.

4. it is recommended to install the host in a relatively concealed position.

5. the new parts should first be installed with the host to the code.

2. wireless door installation

The principle is through the induction magnetometer magnetron and the distance of the magnet, when the two are at a certain distance, it can be induced to transmit a signal to the host. It can be installed in the doors and windows to detect the opening and closing of the doors and windows. A magnet and a launcher are installed on the door and one on the door frame.

1, the magnet and the launcher are aligned up and down, and the distance between the two should not be more than 10 millimeters.

2, the magnet should be installed on the side of the light.

3. In order to get the best wireless transmission distance, please pull out the antenna, the direction is vertical, and the other detectors are the same.

4, the green light often shows that the battery is insufficient, please replace the battery in time.

3. The wireless infrared probe is installed.

The principle of the infrared probe is the change of the induction infrared, which detects the human body and detects a distance of 5-8 meters. The detection angle of the standard infrared probe is 110 degrees and 60 degrees vertically. When installing, the infrared probe is fixed on the wall, 2 to 2.2 meters away from the ground, and adjust the angle to face the area to be monitored. Attention should be paid to the installation.

1. the sensitivity of infrared probe to human lateral movement is higher, and the sensitivity to longitudinal movement is slightly lower. Therefore, it is better to set the direction of probe perpendicular to the direction of human walking.

2. indoor infrared probe is not allowed to be installed in the outdoor, otherwise it is easy to misreport.

3. avoid the areas outside the window, air conditioning, furnace, sunlight and other places where the temperature will change rapidly and the air velocity is high, in order to avoid misinformation.

4. the use of infrared probes are not indicated in the deployment of anti pet function, please pet shut to the place in the monitoring probe.

5. There should be no large blocking objects within the scope of the detection.

6. it is best not to install two infrared probes in the same space to avoid mutual interference.

7. After the infrared probe is opened, it must be able to work normally after 2 minutes of preheating.

8. the infrared probe adopts the power saving design, and each time it is triggered, it is necessary to interval 10-40 seconds to respond to the next trigger.

9. The red light in the lens of the infrared probe often shows that the battery is insufficient. Please change the battery in time.

The installation method of the rechargeable infrared probe and the anti strong white light infrared probe is basically the same.

4. installation of curtain type infrared probe

Detection angle curtain type infrared probe for 15 degrees, 110 degrees vertical, it will form a narrow barrier in front of the detection probe, the probe is installed, in the deployment of state, you can still move freely at home, when someone through the detection of a barrier, it will alarm. The installation should be 50 centimeters from the corner of the wall.

5. Installation of a top infrared probe

The detection range of the top infrared probe is a 100 degree cone, which should be installed at the central position of the ceiling.

6. the magnetic installation method of the reel gate

The magnetic resistance and seismic resistance of the rolling gate are special for the rolling gate. When installing, the sensing head is embedded on the ground below the rolling gate. The magnet is mounted on the rolling gate and aligned with the sensing head, and the launcher can be mounted on the wall.

7. The installation of iron gate magnetic

The magnets of the iron gate are very magnetic and are suitable to be mounted on a large iron gate.

8. Installation of smoke detector

The smoke detector can detect the smoke concentration exceeding the standard and require the installation of the suction top. Be careful not to install it in a strong air convection area, such as a vent or a window.

9. Installation of gas leak detector

The gas leak detector can detect the leakage of various harmful gases such as gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. It should be installed on the wall which is 1.5 meters away from the air source and 30 centimeters lower than the ceiling. It is also not installed in the place where the air is strong convection. 10, the installation of infrared to the railing. The infrared fence is composed of a projector and a light receiver. There are many beams of infrared light between them. When the fence is blocked, it will be able to sense it. It is suitable to be installed on the wall of the hospital, outside the balcony or outside the window, instead of various anti-theft nets. The red black line is the positive and negative pole of the power supply. The yellow green line of the projector is fixed by the power and the light receiver. It stays at the same plane and the same height, and the terminal is down. Adjust the angle, so that the projector and the circular face of the light receiver are right and connected to the DC power supply of 12-25 volts.  You can understand the working state of the fence by observing the light.

1. When the projector works well, the green light on the projector is bright.

2. The projector and the light receiver are on time. The green light on the light is lit and the red light goes out.

3. The light device and the light receiver are not on time, and the green light on the light device is extinguishing or flashing.

4. When there is an alarm signal, the red light on the light is lit and the green light goes out.

Attention should be paid to the installation.

1. There should be no shelter between the light and the light receiver

2. Avoid direct sunlight and light

3. keep the outer tube clean

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