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Guangzhou Xi Rui Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. XIREI (Xi Rui) brand is based on "the best anti-theft alarm in China" based on the domestic security market. The product has passed the national mandatory 3C certification, and the XIREI brand makes full use of its own technical advantages to study and learn from the advanced technology at home and abroad, and to develop the product for the actual demand of the domestic market. It is the XIREI (Xi Rui) brand that firmly believes in the concept of "quality achievement in the future", with reliable quality and excellent cost performance as the premise of technology research and development, thus obtaining the recognition of many urban 110 networking users, community networking users and peer OEM users. The products are taking the market with an unstoppable strong and rapid occupation. Quick and seamless networking.

It is the first batch of manufacturing manufacturers in China, from the first generation: the single network alarm center to the second generation: Zero traffic alarm center, and then to the third generation: the fixed telephone and the GSM double network connection center, the current fourth generation network alarm platform, which is based on the original alarm platform to increase the network alarm function and video couplet Move the platform, and can use the APP alarm.

The stability and reliability of Xi Rui's alarm host has been well received by domestic security companies and major engineering companies. Products from the first generation: telephone line voice version alarm host, the function of the dialing became the leader of the industry at that time, solved the problem of telephone line fault. The second generation: GSM+ telephone line double network alarm host, domestic early development, dual network transmission function, become the main product of financial system. The third generation: telephone line +GPRS+TCP three network alarm host, realizing network transmission of police situation, fast and accurate, two-way control, convenient operation remote management, TCP/GPRS network transmission alarm, greatly saving communication costs. The fourth generation: TCP+ video linkage network alarm host, the timely upload of scene video images, network transmission of alarm and video complex, greatly reducing the waste of resources, the realization of the user mobile phone shop, the center of users can be classified management.

In the future development, Guangzhou HSII Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain its product quality, pursue the originality, reliability and advanced nature of the product, and combine the market demand with quality and service to conquer the market. We believe that the best quality is the best product and "the best anti-theft alarm in China". It is a long way for our company to develop. "Safe city, development networking alarm, quick and seamless management" is the common cause of the company and its strategic partners.

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